Trumped (2)

It will get increasingly difficult to restore our country; resistance from the transformers will increase. They have gained too much. They have shown that they are well funded by those who would destroy who we are and what we stand for. As we fight to help people become more independent and self-reliant, they will fight for more free things and entitlement rights. As we fight to live by the rule of law, they will fight to create chaos, even violence.

 As we fight to return power to the people, the transformers will fight for bigger government on all levels. As we fight for an educational system that is locally controlled  and is awe inspiring and creatively individualistic, they will fight for federal control, especially through the money channels.

As we continue to restore the manger scenes to our Christmas pageants and city and community displays, the  who disagree will find company with the transformers.  As we fight to make certain that the pulpits in our churches and synagogues stand as beacons of religious freedom and not become bastions for “social justice”– code words for so many intolerant attitudes about marriage, gender, race, ethnicity, abortion, and so many others. But perhaps, most of all, they hate Christian attitudes about real social justice.

 I have watched all of these happenings. I still serve on a local school board, believe it or not. I live in a small rural community; it’s not unlike small towns where I have lived most of my life. My early years were spent in a small town–Lansing, Iowa. The mighty Mississippi still rolls by Lansing unaware of Moore’s Law and the tremendous advances in technology. So much is the same; so much has changed.   

When I did my doctoral work at UCLA, the computer I was privileged to use filled the room. Now all of that and much more is on a smart phone. The source of all of this information is in the “cloud.” Will our humanity be able to change enough to “catch up” to the pace of technological change. Will robots be making decisions for us or  will we be telling the robots what to do?

Our choice !!!!!!



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