Refusing to Let the Negatives Enter Body, Mind or Soul – Modeling a Non-Stick Pan

I marvel at my non-stick frying pans. For years I have heard the praises of Pam. Spray it on a casserole dish and the clean-up is so easy. Spray it on a cookie sheet–no more residue on the cookie sheet when you remove the cookies. Pretty easy way to not have to get rid of what you didn’t want to happen in the first place.

There is a great lesson in the can of Pam or the non-stick pan that makes even the use of Pam unnecessary.  Prevent unwanted things from happening. Prevent unwanted words from cluttering your mind. Prevent negative stuff from sticking to your psyche, your soul, your mind, or your heart.

When you get up in the morning, step in the shower, let the water cover you with a non-stick film. Let the Pam mentality in. Let it clothe you with non-stick potential. When the negative comments come, when the top 100 reasons are given why something can’t be done or won’t work, don’t worry; your personal non-stick covering will shed it all. And when someone assures you that the sun didn’t come up, stand in their shadow for just a second. When someone tells you the day is horrible and their bubble of negativity is reaching to engulf you, rest assured; your non-stick bubble will be secure.

When I was in high school, I was called a “hay seed.” That was meant to be a derogatory remark about farm kids¬†from some of the town kids. I’m not certain when or how I became clothed in non-stick material. Pam wasn’t around as a model; non-stick pans certainly were not available. But somehow I knew that I could not allow myself to spend time trying not to be what someone called me, or tried to make me be. I was embarking on my own path, the one that was mine alone. Somehow I knew that each one of us had a path. If this were not so, why were we each created to look different? No two alike unless it was my twin cousins. But knowing two could look alike didn’t dissuade me from seeing the evidence before me that we are all different. Knowing this, I had to spend my time on my own path, not trying to stay off of someone else’s path, or a path someone else had created for me.

I would avoid the brambles of doubt and the rough terrain of fear and envy. My non-stick coating would repel any waves of negativity that tried to wash gullies in my path. I believe that I was created with a path that is mine; there may be other travelers on the same path. I welcome them.

Others who are not sure of their own path seem to be the most prone to suggest new roads, detours, or alternate routes for mine. But my path was designed by greater powers. My path is as individual as my being. And I will follow it.