The Able-Disabled Enabled

The news is full of the frightening increase in the numbers of people in the United States claiming disability. The increases are really staggering. There has been no physical disaster or national happening to create these vast numbers of disabled. The crisis has to be a cultural epidemic. Millions have declared themselves disabled. It is inconceivable that the large numbers collecting disability checks are truly disabled physically.

How then can we possibly explain why so many would be willing to enter the realm of disability entitlement? Why have we been so willing to accept such a diagnosis in our nation? Each one of us needs to ask what s(he) can do to help combat the culture of entitled disabilities. The culture of entitlement keeps spawning new species of “free stuff.” Part of the political correctness of our day is to make people feel comfortable about accepting things they haven’t earned. Part of the lie is that they are entitled to take from those who are the most successful. These attitudes suck the blood of energy, drive, hard work, and desire for excellence and replace it with an anemia of lethargy, lack of desire, and pride in not having to work. The joy of achievement, the love of earning and learning, the respect for the rights of others have been replaced with a smugness of gaming the system and anger when the system does not provide enough to feed the greed of unearned entitlement.

I have watched people strive to receive disability payments. For those who have real disabilities, there should not be the battle that  sometimes occurs. For those who are feigning disability, I have a feeling of profound sadness, because they are throwing away so much of what they have been given by their Creator and as citizens of this great nation–freedom to become all that they could be . They have to change their thoughts of accomplishment and wellness to thoughts of being disabled, to thoughts of inability to achieve. Soon their thoughts of gratefulness for being able to work, their thoughts of joy of accomplishment, must change to thoughts of I can’t do this.

As a counselor and a teacher, I have had students try to convince me that they were unable to do the work, or they were just not given the tools that would allow them to achieve. They would be happy to pick up the scraps on the beach and never even look to the horizon of opportunity. I never accepted their feigned disability; I have always felt I could serve them best by making certain that they could experience success. Expecting them to work, to achieve, to feel competent were necessary from me. I could not join their pity march to nowhere.

It is not rocket science; it is the brain. It has been said in many places in many ways that we are not what we think we are; what we think, we are.It is so true. Seeing is not believing as many would have us believe. Believing is seeing. What we believe is what we see.

This is the way of the mind. What  we think, we become. Whether it’s Biblical, philosophical, our mother and father or our coach–all tenets and instructions are to think on good things. All would want us to be healthy, productive, self-reliant, and happy. All would want us to think wellness rather than to think about ways we can get disability.

To know the science of the brain, the way of the thought processes of the brain, and the plasticity of the brain, is to know that if you think enough about how you can become disabled, you will win that battle. All the neurons in the brain that were occupied with positive thoughts of wellness can quite easily be occupied with different thoughts–thoughts of disability.

We must do everything we can to discourage phony disability. It is a total disservice to a human being, a child of God. No one can ever convince me that we have the number of disabled people in this nation who are currently collecting disability. If our government really cared, it would not battle with those who are really disabled by war, accident, or circumstances; it would do everything that it could to help those who are not truly disabled to reject their thinking road to disability. The job of government should be to help people live independent, free, and productive lives.

When the politicians and  our government have secured another entitlement vote by creating an able-disabled person making him/her believe that it is an available entitlement, they truly are robbers of the worst sort. They have taken the freedom that our Creator has given us to become all that we can be and substituted a government check and dependency.

It is evil for those who are free to gain political advantage or philosophical control of others by leading them down the primrose path of “free stuff” to a life of dependency and one that lacks the sparkle of the diamonds of self-respect, self-reliance, independence and freedom.

Every citizen should help those who are truly disabled, and enable the able- disabled to send their checks back to their government with the proud announcement: NO THANK YOU; I WANT TO BE FREE.

A New Beginning at 91

At 91, creating a web site to get your ideas out is quite an adventure.

You are accustomed to seeing the ideas of others on the web and various other forms of technology.  Texting, twittering, face-booking, e-mailing, and other “ings” are common. But for my generation, these are not common. When friends and folks see me texting, they often exclaim, “You’re texting!” Some don’t even have computers, and are adamant about never having one.

I learned to text and do the other stuff on a touch-screen phone because I wanted to keep in touch with my grandchildren who range in age from 27 to 11. I did not want to be cut off from those precious encounters. Yes, we still talk on the phone and one of them still loves to get letters. No, we haven’t forgotten how to write and speak in more ordinary ways. But I have found over the years  that learning something new doesn’t have to wipe away any good thing that I already know. There are plenty of neurons to go around.

When I wrote America First, Again, I wanted to share my enthusiasm for the exceptionality of this great country. Nowhere else in the world do they have the two great freedoms we have in our United States of America. We were created as a republic with the concept of Divine Guidance as one base, and with documents to guide us that guaranteed the rights and liberty of every individual.

Two great freedoms–Freedom from our Creator to be all that we can be, and documents from our founders that guarantee our rights to pursue the first freedom. These are our legacy.

I wanted to share some history that I had neglected, history that is no longer taught in our schools. I hoped to remind us of our precious heritage. I wanted to refresh our memory about our founders, these founders who have become mere notes in our history books or not even mentioned at all.

I am saddened by much of the news. One in seven Americans on food stamps. The social security disability rolls are swollen beyond belief. The weight of our national debt is staggering. The regulations and edicts frighten me. You hear the stories, too. You hear the loud, shrill voices declaring their rights, but you hear nothing about responsibilities from these same voices.

I want to remind us of our responsibilities. I want to point out the values, attitudes, efforts, and commitment of those who gave us this great experiment in government. I want to remind us that some of us haven’t lost those values and precepts left to us. We remember in spite of all the efforts of “the transformers” to make us believe that “hope and change” lie in a government that takes care of us. Creating an entitlement culture is not my idea of caring for me or my children or grandchildren.

Our freedoms, I believe, are on a steep slope downward at the moment. They are disappearing every day before our eyes. They are sliding into the abyss of entitlement. That abyss swallows up the energy of self-reliance, individual responsibility, and gradually kills the human spirit. The dragons of the abyss breathe fire on our freedoms and torch the documents that declare and protect those freedoms.

I hope to share my joys, my concerns, and my historical perspective on what’s happening around us. I have been so blessed over these 91 years that I cannot sit silently by and watch those blessings disappear. These are the blessings of freedom that several generations have been privileged to enjoy as a result of their predecessors. Now the generation of entitlement is throwing the republic away.

Children of this generation and those of the future will labor under the mountain of debt, the paucity of freedom, and the lack of opportunity they have been left by the entitlement generation.

If I can become a blogger at 91, what can you do to make America First, Again?