Refusing to Let Cancer be the Answer – 17

January 22, 2017

Life goes on. I have had a couple of school board meetings, a few more appointments, church services, and a lot of weather. As the world knows, California has had a lot of rain, and of course, a lot of snow on the higher elevations. Amazingly, the reservoirs that were dangerously empty are now resplendent with the shine of the surface at the top.

I miss the rainbows on my ceilings when the sun doesn’t shine, but the rain is such a gift. I know I will have large smiles when I open my water bills. I talk and write much about the rainbows being a measure of God’s promise of newness and faith. But the rain is equally promising. It is such a bilateral promise; one is just the other side of its mate. I wish you enough.

Some of the rainy days can be very contemplative. They can also be barometers of how my joints feel. There is something about the barometric pressure that causes my joints to be very painful at times. If I’m not careful, I can attribute those aches and pains to my life with cancer. I know metastatic breast cancer affects the bones. And I can’t tell you for sure that they’re not. The bones have definitely been affected by it–so the tests say. I suppose the fact that my breast is not the only area where cancer lives with me. This may have had something to do with my decision about radiation.

Why would I want to add treatment that would make my life less pleasant and cause me perhaps to be unable to do some things, like doing this journal and my blogs. It’s all a part of why I chose not to have breast surgery so many years ago. I know that with the help of my Great Physician, I continue to get up each day with enough of what I need to live the day with gratitude for all I can do.

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