President Obama–CEO of the Transformers

President Obama has said on several occasions that he intends to transform this country. He has many followers and many who have preceded him who helped to lay the foundation for the entitlement society that has evolved over the past several decades. The transformers have taken the love of liberty away from our people, particularly the new immigrants that they want to control, yes own. They have replaced this love of liberty with license. They have gradually convinced more and more people that it is OK to accept government hand-outs. They have convinced so many with free stuff that welfare is a right, and there is nothing wrong with welfare even when you’re able to work.

Government programs are in place to break down the “stubborn pride” of people who want to make their own way, who don’t want to accept government charity just because it is available with a program the government is promoting. Food stamps are a good example. When people feel responsible as individuals, the transformers try to convince them that it is foolish, stubborn, senseless pride not to accept something free that will “help them.” These programs are here to help you, the government says. Your friends and neighbors are taking advantage of this marvelous program, the government spokesperson proclaims.

Soon you have created a culture of folks as well trained as Pavlov’s dogs to feel justified in taking what others have earned, to believe the government is an endless pot of money. The transformers are committed to the destruction of freedom as we know it and as our founders knew it, fought for it, and devised a system of government to assure and sustain God given rights.

The transformers have broken our “melting pot.” They speak the words with derision. They convince us that “losing our identity” is a very bad thing. They devised the term “multiculturalism.”  They use multiculturalism to advance their cause while destroying what our Founders gave us, freedom. We become a part of the diatribe about how bad our country is, how selfish our people are, and how arrogant and boastful we are. All the while, they accept our generosity and continue to condemn us.

As the transformers continue to extinguish the founding lights of “the shining city on the hill.” we must turn them back on. We the People have the switch to turn them back on. But we must switch it back on at every level. We must make certain that our elementary and high schools teach our real history and founding values; we must send these well prepared kids to our colleges and university to stun their liberal professors with those founding values and truths. We must send these well-prepared young people to our state legislatures where they become citizen legislators. And we must send people to our federal government and Congress where they, too, are citizen legislators and servants of the people. The switch to the lights for “shining city on the hill” is in our hands. It’s up to us to flip that switch. _

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