I Wish You Enough – Universal Balances – 16

December 17, 2016

Yesterday was such an incredible day. I felt physically, mentally, and spiritually so well.  My body was so free of aches or pain with only a little stiffness here and there. And, of course, parts that have been working steadily 24/7 for over 95 years have a right to complain a little. My energy level was high; because that has been typical for most of my life, it really felt wonderful. I was able to blog, to write my cancer diary, and do some special reading about the Journey of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus.

I just kept smiling at the great gift of such a special day. Every day is a gift in my book, but the day was so full and a reminder of what a grateful attitude, faith, and my Creator can do to make a difference. You know I talk often about the rainbows on my ceiling. There were none today because we had another special gift of rain. It was a gray day outside in color, but bright day with the blessing of the rain. The storm brought its heavy showers and considerable wind that kept the palms straining to keep up with the strength of the wind. But they always do and I know tomorrow they will be tall and erect as if the sun had been shining on them all day

You may be wondering what all this weather stuff and wellness has to do with the topic of the writing.

To me, it has everything to do with it. I get up every morning and have a choice about how I deal with whatever the day brings. I can be grateful  that I had sun yesterday and rain today, or I can complain about both. I can be thankful and grateful that I feel so  great, or I can be wondering when the pain and aches will start. I can be thankful and grateful  for the gift of the day  or fret about the fact that I can’t return the gift for something else.

“I wish you enough” is an expression that my granddaughter and I often exchange. It represents our prayers, hopes and dreams for each other. We hope that each of us will  have enough joy in our lives to understand the sorrow, enough happiness to pass through the darkness of grief, and an understanding of the balance of day and night, light and dark. We wish for each other enough rain to appreciate the sun.

It is in essence a wish that each of us has enough of each of the many universal balances in our life to appreciate both sides. We can just look around. God provided us night and day and sun and rain. We even have been provided seasons in our year; with each comes the blessings of the next.

I wish you enough…….

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