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Dr. Sylvia “Grandma” Tucker grew up in the Midwest, where she learned the values of thrift, hard work, responsibility for self, patriotism, honesty, respect, and love of country.

Her German heritage provided her with opportunities to practice and appreciate many of the founding principles that made this country great. Her mother taught her faith and love of God. These gave her strength of body and spirit for the journey.

Dr. Tucker has lived the American Dream. She comes from humble beginnings; she recognized and seized the opportunities provided by this incredible country. She has spent nearly seven decades in education at all levels and has served in positions as teacher, counselor, administrator, and dean.

Dr. Tucker is the recipient of many awards and honors and remains active in her personal and professional communities. She is currently serving her fourth four-year term on a local school board of trustees.

She has often been a lone voice expressing and living ideas, values and principles she presents in this book. Dr. Tucker, at 91, exemplifies what freedom and opportunities America, this unique experiment in government founded on Christian principles, can provide for its people. She has seen and lived the erosion of the founding principles, but she has also lived much of her life knowing and living much of what the Founders intended.

Ninety one years covers a lot of our history. What Grandma Tucker sees happening now is not what she wants for her children or grandchildren or any child.



6 thoughts on “About Grandma

  1. Have you looked at adding a facebook link to your webpage? It would make it easier for those who may want to share your message. Keep it coming.

  2. Sy……..this is Muriel……..(Del’s first wife ;-D) Oscar and his wife are here in Oregon to attend Barry’s daughters wedding tomorrow and Oscar gave me your website. Don’t have your email address but would love to “visit” with you one way or another. My phone number is 503-990-7227 if you would like to call me or my email address is above. Hope you are doing well. Your bio and photo appears that you are. Hoping to hear from you. Muriel

  3. OK Sy: We’ve caught up on several of the blog writings. As you must realize that since you are among our favorite people — you are also among our favorite writers. We have a wonderful Sunday School class. There are about 30-40 persons who are (more or less) regular attenders, many of whom are rather well placed people from the OSU ranks and (almost) all are conservative thinkers. (Wes Watkins, former Congressman and Governor candidate and wife Lou, recently Chairman of the OSU Board of Regents are Christian friends.) We’ll send along your blog information to them and pick up a few more readers. We also may find a few young friends to direct to your sound thinking.
    Paul and JoAnn

  4. Hey my name is Brandy Milam and i was given your website from a fellow named Tony that is here in Lincoln Alabama that says he is a good friend of yours. I love your website and so does my daughter and she has recently with a friend of hers wrote a biography about a girl that has CP and we was looking to see if you could help us out on some things we want to accomplish with the book.

    • Sorry I’m so late in responding, Brandy. How did you think I might be able to help? What did you have in mind. Thanks for your comment about my website. I’m trying to give my perspective about some of the things happening in our great country. Love to you, Sy Tucker

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