A View of the Medical Paradigm: A Different Choice – 6

I believe that once a person is told his or her diagnosis is cancer, the routes of the minds automatically operate in line with cultural beliefs and attitudes.  How do we get rid of it? How do we treat it? How do we knock it out? How do we deal with this terrific tragedy in our lives? I believe that cultural attitudes, general knowledge then offer people no choice. They become a victim of cancer. The questions above persists and treatment options are offered and begin.

I chose a different direction.  The choice was not one of neglect or fear. It has rather been a journey of faith. Most don’t believe the incredible gifts of body, mind, and soul given to them by their Creator can handle or cope with such an enormous enemy and intruder. When the intensity of their thinking about life and mental energy is not focused on wellness, it is energy spent in the opposite direction. I have chosen to live, to work, to love, to worship, to serve in accordance with that faith as if there were no cancer. Doing things positively with joy and love produces far more results than living with fear and negativity.

I was certainly mindful of the surgeries, the treatments, the terrible pain and consequences of treatment that so many people around me experienced in their effort to deal with cancer. I have been aware throughout the decades of the vast amount of time and energy spent in these efforts. My choice was mine. I in no way belittle the choice others made or are making. And so the Story of my Journey with Cancer Begins as a personal secret between me and my God; we were on the journey of faith. No one else knew the choices made and the road travelled.

At various times on this journey after I learned of the presence of cancer, I have chosen not to have treatment or even consider it.  I did not allow the cancer to interfere with and control my life. It was not even present in my thoughts.  It didn’t affect anything I was doing. I proceeded to live with the same energy, verve, passion and commitment as if it weren’t there. My thoughts were focused on what I was doing, what I was learning, how I could take advantage of the opportunities around me to serve. After the very early encounter with what many would have called a brush with potential cancer, I never thought about it.

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