Keeping the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

It behooves us to understand what is going on around us. I know the news gets really monotonous and totally confusing if you change from channel to channel Where is the truth?  It’s not fun to watch violent protests. It’s annoying to see demonstrated how little our people know about their Christian beginnings in this great nation. It is disconcerting to see our young indoctrinated away from most conservative and Christian values and principles in our schools at all levels.

I believe if we are to survive we must embrace our successes without apology. We must restore our founding values and principles in our people, particularly the young. We need to restore personal responsibility, self-reliance, work ethics, true compassion for others, integrity, honesty, joy, tolerance, self-respect and respect for others. These are gifts of the Spirit.  Our laws were time-tested through the ages before they were ever put into our legal structure. Sharia law or any other attempt at law must not be tolerated as substitutes for our legal system. Other legal systems must not be tolerated in the name of religious tolerance. Our very founding depended on these time-tested ideas for living together in peace and harmony.

Recently I heard a commentator say that America First was a racist slogan. I do not know how that is even possible as a concept, even semantically. I  believe President Trump feels that wanting American to be First Again is founded on the humble idea that when America is First, it has more to share. It’s light casts a broader and brighter spectrum. It is a better model for people who need hope; it is a better friend to those in need. Only if we grow arrogant, forget the Divine guidance we received at our founding, and think we did it ourselves, can it be otherwise. I believe that we have the choice of  being America First, Again, or not being the republic that our Founders gave us.

We must ask ourselves if we are willing to fight tyranny with the same commitment that our Founders made. They gave us documents to follow and guide us. We must not allow them to become transitional, situational, or modernized.

I love America. I have traveled the world. I did not find any place on any continent where I wanted to live. I found beauty, uniqueness, discovery, celebration, wonder, respect, protest, war, compassion, and love. But each time I stepped back on American soil, I found my home–land of the free and home of the brave.

My flag flies proudly every day; I see it wave gently in the soft and gentle breezes. I see it hanging like a wet noodle, limp and its beautiful stars and stripes not visible. Some times it seems to be sending me messages about how it is being viewed by many. I have seen it tattered and torn as it survives the storms. I am reminded of those brave men who looked for it “over the ramparts” that fateful morning. It was flying just as my flag made it through the storm. I gently take it down, and I replace it with a new one made in the U.S.A.

God is first in my life, and my America is first in my heart. As long as my heart pumps, I will do what I can to make America First, Again. As long as I can speak or see to write, I will share the importance of Christian Heritage of America.

Our Founders knew.

We must know and teach our children to know.

We the people must know. We the people must be the lamps in the dark corners of tyranny; we the people must protest the squandering of our taxes; we the people are all we have to keep this incredible experiment, our republic — the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Excerpt from America First, Again Second Edition – Chapter titled “Trumped 2017”