What Happens When the “Cloud” Goes Dark


The ultra-sound scheduled for today was cancelled just as I was getting ready to go to Murietta for the test. Certainly happy that Bob and I didn’t get all the way there to find that “the machine wasn’t working.”  

  What happens when the machine isn’t working? I asked that question at the School Board Meeting when we weralmscussing technology for our kis. What happens when the computers go down? That means no access to all the technology we re teaching them to use. Will they even know how to check a book out of the great libraries we have almost abandoned? Will they know how to spell, to write, to speculate, to continue to discuss the topic at hand? Will they know the telephone number of their best friend or even their parents? Perhaps not even their own. I wonder most of all about their ability to carry on a verbal conversation about anything when their head is out of their smart phone.  

What if someone or something screws up the “cloud,”  the Supernova, and all the technology that operates by Moore’s Law? Wow!!!!! I have no idea. No access to medical records. No  instructions to the power grids. No student  records in  our schools unless we are fortunate enough to have paper trails.  No personnel records. No digital this, no that . What happens when nothing is available if the “cloud” that is the magical storehouse of all the magic of our smart phones, etc. becomes dark?

Will the human brain find its “cloud”?