America First Again–A New Look

How does it feel to hear those words again?

My birthday is coming soon. On June 13th, I will be 96. For most of those years, I have lived in an America that was proud of its status. It was first in pioneering spirit. It explored and shared its wonders. Its technology has changed everything for most people; it has shared its wonders in medicine and business. It has been a primary force in saving the world from itself in two World Wars. It has shared its treasure and its young to remain free and to help others in their quest for freedom. 

But most of all, it created this amazing form of government called a republic. Our Founders offered their all to brave tyranny and created our founding documents. They clearly acknowledged that they had Divine Guidance in their endeavors. These documents that govern us have lasted in spite of the attacks on them. When they survive the current attacks, they will be even more remarkable because we will again have realized their greatness.

When we survive the attacks on our national symbols, when our young are again taught our real history, when our universities and colleges stop tilting their world left and become true institutions of learning, when we recognize our Christian heritage as our foundation, we will have more folks wearing flags on their lapels than those stomping on the flag or burning it. 

We will learn to walk humbly in our America First, Again shoes. We will feel the pride of sharing with and serving our neighbors. We can only do great things when we have great things to offer. I cannot offer you half a loaf if I have no loaf. I cannot model freedom for you if I have lost mine. I cannot shine my light on the darkness of tyranny if I have allowed tyranny to extinguish my light.