It’s Halloween in Washington, D.C.

I’m trying to remember the scariest things that have happened to me on Halloween.  I must admit that for all of the Halloweens of the 95 I can remember, what is happening to my beloved republic as reported this Halloween season is the scariest.

I love my country. I learned about my Founders and what legacy they gave to me at my birth as a United States citizen. I love the documents they left to insure that legacy of all of my freedoms and blessings I enjoy. I love my flag, and I fly it every day. I served my country in World War II as a proud and very young Navy officer. I learned the real history of my country, not a transformation version of it. I have been an educator for many decades, and I pray that I transmitted that love and respect for my beloved land every day. I hope that it is reflected in the book, America First, Again, that I wrote four years ago. Yes, and I love to sing and stand for my Star Spangled Banner.

It’s Trick or Treat night. We have been tricked enough. I am praying that the Divine Guidance that our Founders used to create this great nation will be with us today, this Halloween 2016, and in the coming days. We need a fresh start to again have our government of the people, by the people, and for the people.    

Will the Real Ms. Abedin Stand Up?

Who is Huma Abedin? How close to Hillary Clinton is she? Did she have access to Hillary Clinton’s secret e-mail? To whom does Huma Abedin have allegiance?

What if Huma Abedin has extremely sensitive national security information? What kind of information was on the personal computer to which she probably had access? Was there information that could have changed any of our foreign policy? 

If these questions exist now, what would the magnitude of the questions be if Hillary Clinton were President with Huma Abedin still by her side?

Advice for Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump, you must say that words like those we have just seen and heard will never pass your lips again. You must start a conversation in America that makes conversations that denigrate women, or anybody, extinct as we make America Great Again.


You must ask for  forgiveness when your heart demands it .


It’s like an act of Providence. The spotlight is shining on the one person in America who can influence the thinking, understanding, and cultural aspects of the words he has uttered about women. Mr. Trump, you’re it. Only you have the teachable moment. I pray that you will use it to change the dual standard of how we talk about women in the “locker room” and in what some men call just “men talk.”

As a professional women where many times I have been the only woman in the room, I have watched and participated in the conversations that had to take place to change the culture. I also have been in many  situations where the conversation stopped when I entered the room, and apologies were quickly uttered to redeem the situation. These were not bad men; they were acculturated and indoctrinated into the “real men’s club.” Unfortunately, I have seen women join the same club. I have been told that I could not have jobs because my speech as a woman would not be strong enough for some situations. I know the language; I have not lived in a bubble for all these years. But my answer then and my answer to you, Mr. Trump, is that, “It would make me less a lady just as it makes you less a gentleman.”