Mr. Kaepernick, Fight for Me

Yes, I watched you sitting on the bench during the playing of the National Anthem. Yes, I listened to your explanations. How about using your platform to help people like me; I have no platform unless people read my blogs or read my books. But since I have no platform, it is difficult to let people know they even exist.

So, Mr. Kaepernick, and all the other Kaepernicks who have benefitted greatly from the freedoms of their nation, fight for me. I am a 95 year old white, female veteran of World War II. I should be entitled to the health benefits  which veterans have earned. When I tried to access those benefits to seek help for the first time a couple of years ago, I found that I was not eligible. I couldn’t meet the means test. When the Iraq War started, the Congress passed a law that instituted a means test for  veterans who were not in the health system prior to the Iraq War.  It is a fairly low and “seemingly fair” amount based on gross income. I cannot meet it since I live on a working farm to supplement my income and my water almost equal the means test amount..   When I raised my right hand to join the service, no one asked me to meet a means test. The benefits were a promise given to me as it is to all veterans. Am I and the others in my predicament being treated justly and fairly?

Our Founders didn’t promise us a rose garden. They gave us founding documents that gave us the opportunity to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You know that road of opportunity, Mr. Kaepernick; you have traveled it for many years.

Perhaps you could help others understand how fair this great nation has been to you rather than not honoring the stars and stripes of the land of the free and the home of the brave. Perhaps you could go to Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, and San Francisco and bring hope and show with your presence that a road of opportunity exists for all. Help them  take the first step toward all the stars and stripes stand for.

Hillary’s World–My World–A Senior Moment

It is a senior moment, not because I have forgotten something, but because I remember. Hillary’s world and my world are worlds apart. I am viewing her world from her own descriptions on Thursday night, the last night of the DNC.

Hillary is going to make certain that every person who wants a job will have a great job. My world knows that we have the fewest number of people in the work force than ever before.

Hillary’s world is “much better off economically than eight years ago. My world has more people on welfare and food stamps than eight years ago.

Hillary’s world has a General’s endorsement. My world does not have Generals, privates, or any service member endorsing someone as Commander in Chief who exposed top secret emails to hackers and possibly enemies, and then lied about those emails.

Hillary’s world (I think adopted from Bernie’s platform out of necessity) has a free college education idea. My world sees thousands and thousands of young people who have piled up mountains of stifling debt during the last eight years. In many cases their college education is meaningless because their major has no employable skills, or there is no job. Hillary is going to help. Isn’t eight years a long time to look the other way?

Hillary’s world becomes very patriotic the last night of her convention; flags were everywhere. My world flies my flag every day.

Hillary’s world wants to close the coal mines and “retrain” the coal miners. My world knows that we need all sources of energy production including clean coal use.

Hillary’s world apologized for America’s goodness and greatness for  many years and decrees on the night of the convention that “America is great, because she is good.”    My world declares America’s exceptionality every day.

Hillary’s world depicts a world where anyone can dream and accomplish those dreams. My world sees her policies and the policies of her party implement programs that create the steel ceiling of dependency, particularly in minority and poor communities.

Hillary’s world and my world must be in parallel universes, or at least on different planets.