The Summer of Promises and Pandering

The slogans continue at all of the political campaign events, and are rampant at the political conventions. I have watched and/or listened to them for many, many years. I think many of the folks speaking really believe they can make a difference. I serve on a local school board. I believe every day that I will be able to use my many years of experience and what I have learned over the years to benefit the learners in my district.  And then I find that the bureaucracy and politics of the organization drag heavily on the rudder of change: good or unhelpful change.

It is the time of promises of free stuff. Instead of asking whether or not all college educations are worth what they cost, some politicians want to make certain that all students get a free college education. Instead of looking at the thousands of young people with enormous college debt and useless degrees, some politicians want to make it free. If you’re one of those young people living in your parent’s basement, or one ready for college, free college sounds terrific.   Free is the magic and enticing word. 

It is the summer of political promises and pandering. Both get the votes of those who believe that free stuff is free and their right, of many who have made it big in the capitalistic system and now disavow it, and many of our young who have been indoctrinated in our schools and colleges. The pandering and promises still get the vote of those who have not picked up a paycheck and have seen what was left of their earnings after the various branches of government  have taken their cuts.

These are the victims of the promises and pandering who give up their independence, their freedom of choice, and most of all, their rights and responsibilities as a citizen in this great republic. Much of what is happening in our nation is by the design of those who would transform us into that free stuff nation, a socialistic state. Look back at the Bernie Sanders rallies, and you can see clearly the young who have never learned our history or the tenets that made America such a special place, are willing to follow the road to free stuff. And there are those who deliberately despise the heritage that gives them the liberty to despise it.