Mexican Flags in Costa Mesa

If you were watching a political demonstration where many of the participants were waving Mexican flags, where would you think you were? If you saw the Presidential Candidate slated to speak at the meeting walking across a field and climbing barriers to get to the event because the front door was unsafe to approach, where would you think you were?

I would think that I was in some foreign country where the people were protesting for the right to speak, for the right to assemble, and the right to have a say in the election of their leader. In some of my travels, I have found myself in some scary situations involving protests. The flags that they were waving were their own, their national symbol.

Last night, April 28, 2016, in Costa Mesa, California, the flags that were in the hands of the Americans protesting  were Mexican Flags. Or perhaps some of the protesters were not legally Americans; nevertheless, they stood on American soil, obviously enjoying the “right to wave those flags. Or were they just the tools of those who would transform America to a nation devoid of its founding freedoms to a nation where a few would rule the dependent puppets of the State. In that America of little freedom, if any, those who waved the Mexican flags last night would have been whisked away, perhaps never to be heard from again.







National Anthem Banned at 911 Memorial–Why No National Rage?

Imagine that you are a junior high band member visiting the 911 Memorial. Your  teacher thought it would be appropriate to play the National Anthem there. After your teacher has obtained permission from a guard, you all proudly start the Star Spangled Banner. Suddenly your director stops you. Usually your director stops you when something needs to change or you are playing some sour notes. You are puzzled, because your pride caused the music to sound extra special for this extra special place. Your director has just been told by another guard that the band must stop because it does not have a permit.

What a horrible experience for young people to be told they cannot play their National Anthem in this very public place. Certainly they were not harming anybody and they were just expressing their respect and honoring all those who died there on that horrible day just a few years ago. This goes under the category of  “I never thought I would see the day in American when kids would be stopped from playing the Star Spangled Banner in a public place, particularly a national memorial.”

How do you explain their First Amendment Rights to them?

How do you explain that the guard made a very bad, and in my view, an Unconstitutional decision?

There should be national outrage at this episode. Unfortunately, I know that because we have neglected our history, it will get worse unless we declare war on the denigration, degradation, and denial of our Constitutional Rights. While we are at it, we need to declare a second war on the way history is being taught because that is what really undergirds the transformations occurring in how we view and understand the documents that secure our freedoms.   

Abortion–Just How Important Is the Issue?

   Abortion seems to have consumed our national psyche. It seems to permeate our souls. It’s like a branding iron on our discussions. It’s a “gotcha” question for the reporters. Politicians would qualify for Dancing With the Stars when trying to answer those reporters on the issue.

        It seems that everybody gets in the mix and in the mud on the issue of abortion. There is no civil discussion; there is only right and wrong. You’re wrong and I’m right, no matter what side of the issue you have taken. It is so amazing that one issue that does not affect all people can create so much consternation, so much hate, and so much emotional stress just by discussing it.

        I know, you’re thinking: This old lady just doesn’t understand. Well, maybe so, but I’ll wager that I have experienced first-hand more issues and circumstances related to abortion than many people who carry the signs and protest in their angry, loud voices. And I am certain that I have studied the issue from more dimensions than those who follow the crowd, the Political Party, or segments of the women’s movement. I know that I have given more thought, more study, and more  speeches about women’s issues and problems than most. I have done more to support  gender equality of opportunity and choice, than those professing to be at the front of the aborting issue “in support of women’s health.” I believe many have tried to make abortion the totality of women’s health. Women’s health encompasses much more than abortion.

        I have seen the results of illegal abortion. All the ugliness of the trauma and stress to body, mind and soul cannot be really understood until you have seen it play out in someone’s life–a life that has just given up a life. This I have seen at a university where I sat with a young woman who was just trying to remember who she was and what had happened to her. She had gone with her boyfriend to get the abortion . When things went bad, the boyfriend left,  and she was alone, seriously injured, and no way home.  Somehow she found her way back to the university. Thank God that the trust we had built while she was there was sufficient  and that she came to where she instinctively felt safe. After getting her immediate physical care and through the many hours of conversation together, we were able to bring the family together, get some help for her physically, mentally, and ethically.

        Personally, I have experienced a miscarriage, a spontaneous abortion. The serious effects on the mind, body, and soul that accompany any kind of abortion can be devastating. A woman’s body that has prepared itself to protect and preserve the environment to support the healthy development of another life, is not easily brought back into balance when there is a sudden termination of that environment. When I was losing my baby, my doctor gave me Vitamin K to save the pregnancy despite the fact that I told him I was very certain that I had already aborted the fetus. The ramifications of my body trying to do one thing to bring itself back and the vitamin K doing the opposite, were devastating. Blood clots always cause problems.

        I believe it is shameful to make abortion an issue of such magnitude and distortion; it is an important issue and deserves civil discourse about its ramifications. But there are many issues that affect every person in America, including all women. They are hundred percenters–where you put your head down at night; what you have to eat for you/your family on the dinner table; whether you have safe water to drink or any to drink; whether you child is being educated or indoctrinated; the safety of your neighborhood; peace; the state of your nation and the world; and the list goes on.

        Each of us who is fortunate enough to have been born in this great republic, this great experiment in a different kind of government born of faith and the desire for freedom, has much more to worry about than abortion. I am not trying to minimize the importance of the issue. My plea and prayers are that we don’t maximize it for political or economic gain.


Celebrating Gratitude


     This April day is beautiful. The California sun is warm and inviting. The dome above is totally blue. Not a hint of a cloud exists. The birds are busy creating the symphony of sounds that I hear on a regular basis as I take my walks or just sit in the sun to enjoy the magnificent vistas available to appreciate. 

        One of the great harbingers of spring is the first iris that opens its yellow beauty to seeking eyes. The jade that dared to bloom in the middle of winter now displays its lush green foliage as backdrop for the rest of the floral offerings.

        A roadrunner clucked at me with its gravelly voice as it sat on one of the big pots beneath a miniature rose tree. After it said good morning, it hopped through the fence and flew away. They don’t often stick around that close to you.

        The twin peaks across the valley are silhouetted against the morning sky. As the macular degeneration progresses and my acuity of vision decreases , the visibility of those peaks is more gratifying each day. A few years ago, a look across the valley would have been just that–a look across the valley. Now it is an adventure in gratitude.

        I have a volunteer field of nasturtiums in one section of the grove just below one of my walls. Yesterday I sat for awhile by the fence and just enjoyed the lush foliage and flowers and the perfume they produced for the air around them. It is so amazing to see how all God’s creatures, whether plants or animals, have their own  quests to become what they were created to be. And so it is with the nasturtiums that sow their own seed, seek their own nutrients and water and become nasturtiums. Not a poppy in the bunch. How can we possibly think less is expected from us!

        So today is filled with gratitude for what I have, what I can do, what I can see, where I can live, and for the blessings and gifts I have enjoyed for so many years and that I have been able to share as I have tried to make a difference each day I have been given.





My dear Mr. Trump

Writing to you and expecting that you might see it may seem futile. But as it states in Proverbs, “We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall,” I am writing with faith and my 94 years of experience that guide it.

Yes, I am a proud American veteran who has enjoyed the blessings of this great republic. I have watched from inside my profession, education, as America has taken detours of destruction. But most notable is the detour from its Christian heritage. We have gradually lost our founding principles and values despite the fact that our Founders left us a clear path to follow in our founding documents. They even left us warnings about how difficult it would be to keep what we had been given: a republic.

Mr. Trump, you want to  make this country great again. A great America is really the only hope for not only America, but also the world.  In order for America to be great again, it must be first again–first in commerce, in its practice of democracy, its schools, its technology, its military,  its research, its health care, its industry, its agriculture, its energy, and on and on.  I do not believe that we can do this without understanding and practicing the  founding principles that made us great.

To do this, we must understand our history. To understand our history, we must study it as it was written\created by our Founders. They pledged everything they had, including their lives, to give us the guiding documents that created our great experiment like no other government before or since.

If I could do one thing to change education to make America First\Great Again, I would create a Foundation to teach our history from original documents. Then each generation would truly know what this great country is about. They would no longer have a false narrative, a history that no longer believes many of our documents are relevant for this day, a denigrating view of many of our Founders, and most important, a denial of our Christian heritage.

I have been an educator at all levels and all areas for seventy decades, and I still serve on a local school board.  I was just elected a year ago to my sixth term. I am still trying  to make a difference in this behemoth of education that has fewer and fewer bright spots.

The transformers like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the professors at most universities, and the Progressives must have people who are willing to follow them in order to transform our country. A measure of how far we have come is the crowd of largely young people who appear to support Sanders. They surely do not know our history or our Founders. They attend our public schools, and more particularly our universities, where they are taught to believe the premises of the Sander’s philosophy.

We must take back our educational system by first taking back the teaching of our history. Then we must do away with the Department of Education and hope that the states and local communities will be close enough to the people to be accountable. We must stop the flow of money, control , and influence of the federal government on our educational system.

Mr. Trump, if we are to make America Great Again, we must make our schools, colleges, and universities vehicles to deliver the truth about what made us great. They must be able to teach our Christian heritage as we find it in our original documents. Our universities must go back to some of the founding principles. A socialist would no be able to gather thousands of young people in one place and have excitement there, because today’s college students believe their education — and their lives — should be free, because there are rich people who should pay for these things. Students must be taught that freedoms of every kind have a cost and outcome. A lack of freedom always has a consequence.

April 1, 2016