Debate or Disaster–The GOP on Stage

There were times during  the Republican debate a week ago that actually seemed like a debate. All the Fox moderators were excellent. They did keep the lid on most of the time. But I am sad that any time was spent in the denigration derby on the stage. The candidates spent so much time belittling each other, calling each other names, and just generally trying to cast aspersions on any truth that might have been spoken. Anyone watching would surely think that the road to the White House is paved with stones cast at those who seek it. What have we become that the debates have become debasing exercises, or who can shoot the best arrows, or whose arrows carry the most poison? Those who refuse to participate in the nasty political reality show, get little time and are standing mute for long periods of time. They don’t produce ratings or high profits.

Governor Kasich, thank you, for not participating in the fracas. Thank you for staying on message. Thank you for not participating in the diatribe and denigration. Anyone could have listened to you and not been embarrassed. I have not heard you say much about the Evangelical vote, yet he was the only one on the stage who deserved it.

Senator Rubio, you  looked quite comfortable in the  attack role you have taken on. I have lost the respect that I held for you from the beginning of the race. I don’t think the pugilistic scenes in th last appearances are enhancing your stance. The punch lines draw responses, but I don’t know if they translate into votes. I just don’t think that they represent who you really are, Senator Rubio; they just don’t ring true as a part of your incredible journey.

Mr. Trump, I was surprised to see you enter into the “hands” debate. You were sucked into a discussion about “manliness” that was a perfect one to show how strong you are. You talk about your abilities and strengths; your wife’s advice to act presidential was  excellent advice. Too bad you didn’t follow it for all of the debate, not just some of the time. I am heartened by the fact that you are willing to change your mind. To follow a path that you know has become the wrong one is stupid and  dangerous. When you find that a goal is the wrong one because of intervening circumstances or new evidence, it is not “standing by your word,” but rather irrationality and weakness to continue to follow it. I am so tired of politicians who are afraid to “change their mind” because of being called a flip-flopper. They are the ones who are dangerous. I am a veteran and I would not want that person as my Commander in Chief.

Senator Cruz, the jury is still out on you. Your skill as a debater gets in the way of letting us know who you really are. You don’t have experts judging your debates. You just have “We the People.” We are a wonderful mixture of very good qualities in this great republic. You are a student of the Constitution and the founding documents of this amazing place called the United States of America/ You present this picture of venerability, integrity, and values. But I wonder about some of the things that your campaign did to Dr. Carson.

The stage wasn’t  crowed at the last debate, but it was lacking some of the qualities of Dr. Carson, Carly Fiornia, Chris Christie, and others.