“Making America Great Again”

 Witnessing some of the political scenes lately has been a great incentive to  blog again. The rhetoric is quite amazing. The mud is deep.  Perhaps one of the candidates has a magic wand that the rest of us can’t see. Perhaps one of the candidates can wave that wand, and PRESTO, our nation will be out of debt. Perhaps the magic will fill our classrooms with the true history of our republic. Perhaps our universities will suddenly be filled with discourse that presents both sides of an issue rather than liberal indoctrination most students receive in our public universities today.  Maybe their magic wands can be waved to restore the patriotism, values, and character building to our reading materials in our elementary schools. Perhaps we will find the magic wand will start a tidal wave across our nation, and we will see history taught from our original founding documents.

Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and find that the rhetoric has become magic dust, and the federal government is half the size it was yesterday, the Department of Education doesn’t exist anymore, and the Environmental Protection Agency is actually concentrating on protection of our environment and is no longer  allowed to create regulations that stifle and destroy. Maybe the dust will cover the Department of Defense so it will concentrate on its Constitutional duty with integrity and thrift.

I dream of the day that there will be no IRS, and the tax code will be so simple that there can be no fraud and abuse. It will be transparent and all will  have “skin in the game.” Politics of the day will no longer allow employees to harass our citizens. All the departments of the government will be reduced to only those functions that are federal responsibilities remain in Washington, D.C. In my dream there will be surplus housing in our nation’s Capitol.

No dream. No magic wand. No magic dust.  Wow!!! The transformers are winning, but we have not finished the race. There is no magic but “We the People.” Each one of us must count as a re-founder of our republic. 







The Promise of the Day–Rainbows On My Ceiling

How could I not realize the promise of the day when I viewed the rainbows on my living room and dining room ceiling? There were even a few that found their way into my family room. The crystal cross and the dangling crystal snow flakes in my eastern window reflect the promise of the day.

It is so remarkable to be able to blog two days in succession. It is so remarkable that I was able to watch my granddaughter’s last basketball game of her freshman year in high school. I had not gone to any of the others, but she was a source of faith when she asked her father, “Do you suppose we could get grandma to my last game?”  She remembered how much I have always loved to attend the activities of my grandchildren. I believe that faith is not a thing, but rather a stream, a river that flows through us. I believe it is always being renewed. But it is like the many gifts we have been given–unused they are of little value. I am also certain that my Creator stands at the headwaters of my stream of faith.


Back From the Depths of Maculaar Degeneration

It has been a long time since I posted my last blog  November 2014. If you have followed my blogs at all, you would have noticed several changes in the last year: They had become less frequent; they were not uniform in font; some were bold type and some were not. I was dealing with the progressive nature of Macular Degeneration. I used more light, I tried different kinds of light; and I tried everything that I could think of to continue doing what I have done all of my life–share my thinking through my writing. It has been one of the great enjoyments in my professional and personal life.

Fortunately, I have been a problem solver all my life. My early years taught me that I have choices when untoward things happen. I learned early through my Christian background that I was never alone in solving my problems. I was given at my birth all that I needed to pursue my dreams and my responsibilities. Here I am in the last days of February 2016, proceeding with blogging. I have found technology that gives me assistance to write again and share some of what I learned over the years. I have been privileged to share with those I love and have tried to serve over the last almost 95 years.   One of the fears I have had to overcome is that of making  mistakes and not finding them in my editing. With progressive “Mac” you don’t always see every letter of every word, and missing a letter can make a world of difference. Try it some time, and you will understand.

I would be remiss if I did not tell you where I have found incredible help and hope. In my quest for help, I found the Vista branch of the San Diego Center for the Blind. It is an amazing place of dedicated people, professional and volunteers, who are caring, compassionate, understanding, competent, and knowledgeable folks. All who enter have the opportunity to experience hope, joy, and independence.

I want to share with you again my grateful walks, my encounters with the wonders of nature–wonders that I appreciate even more now, and my journey with visual impairment. This morning I sat on my patio to take in the warmth of the California sun, the incredible blue dome overhead, the sounds and sight of nature around me, and the incredible gifts that I have been given to enjoy but also to continue to serve my Creator, my community, and my family.

When I press the key to post this blog, it will be another step in my Journey that has been so filled with surprises to enjoy, fear, or worry about.  I prefer to enjoy and savor the vista from the mountain I just climbed. It’s just practice for the next one. I press the key with love and thanks for all those who helped me to see more when I thought I was beginning to seeing less.