Rainbows on My Ceiling

           What a joy it is to walk out of my bedroom in the morning expecting the sun to shine and the gentle breezes to blow when I open my door to a California morning, and I am treated to rainbows on the ceiling in my living and dining room.  I have a crystal cross in my east windown and also a little hanging ornament of crystal snow flakes. As the sun rises to greet me, it shines on these beautiful crystal pieces and the array of rainbows on my ceilings is beautiful.

          As I stand in the hallway and gaze and smile at what greets me, I marvel at the message. Every facet of the crystal cross sends its message in God’s promise of the rainbow. The storm is over; look with joy on the landscape. Be grateful for the promise. There is a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow. I know that’s just an old wive’s tale; but if you could see my ceiling filled with those many messages of hope and gaith, you would agree. There is a pot of gold, of joy, of beauty in each little rainbow. I could take a quick look and miss the gold. I could think it’s pretty and miss the message. We tell one another to stop and smell the roses. I would say, stop and collect the gold at the end of your rainbows.



The Ultimate Insult–Your Military Uniform Might Offend the Children

           The message is chilling. “You won’t be allowed to visit your child’s classroom because your military uniform might offend some children.”  So the news reported. A father, proudly serving his country, is told a most astounding, horrible, disdainful, disrespectful, insulting message. Not only is it an insult to him, but is an insult to every person who has ever donned a uniform in service to their country. It is an insult to every family member who stands by. It is an insult to every American who lives under the flag these uniformed patriots serve. It is a horrifying insult to the children who love and respect those who serve this great country. And what a horrifying experience for the child who is told that his/her father cannot visit because his military uniform might offend.

               It is such a stunning thought that I shudder at the idea that a teacher could possibly get the words out. I shudder at the thought of what happens in the history lessons. I am repulsed by what must be happening with other assignments. What are the children asked to write about? What heroes are presented? What pictures adorn the walls? What are they told about the Founders, the incredible founding documents? Is America to blame for everything wrong in the world? Ask your own questions. You know they have put out the light of the “shining city on the hill.” There is no hand over their heart when the Star Spangled Banner is played. They may not even know it, or if they do, they won’t sing it. I’m certain they don’t participate in the Pledge of Allegiance.

            They are the teachers who have been taught in our colleges and universities by the Ward Churchills and those folks who use the freedoms secured and continued by the men and women who wear the uniform they so despise and denigrate. And now, dear friends, we are seeing it more and more in our elementary and secondary schools. It is why I wrote, America First, Again. Not only are so many not teaching patriotism, they are denouncing it. Not only are they not teaching history, they are rewriting it. Not only are they not teaching about the great founding men and women of our country, they are substituting their own heroes in accordance with their warped philosophy.

            America is not a conservative or liberal idea. It is an ingenious experiment like none other before or after. It is the noble expression of those who sought religious freedom, the freedom that leads to all others. It is the experiment that people have given their lives for when it was founded and since then. It is still the noble experiment that those who don the uniform of our military services still pledge their lives to preserve.

            This is the same uniform that “might offend” some child in the classroom if the parent visits his child. I suggest that anyone who feels that way might want to take a visit to the new state carved out in Syria and Iraq. I suggest they go back and study our history. I suggest they teach patriotism. I suggest they yell and scream and ask for a refund from those who taught them the miserable lies about this country.

            As I have said so many times, and as I say in my book, the transformation of America cannot be completed until the transformers own the entire school system, a monopoly then easily controlled.

            Check out the public school near you. If you have children or grandchildren in public school; check out the curriculum. Check the history books. Check out the assignment they are getting. Critical thinking came in an assignment in a New Jersey school that asked the children to compare George W. Bush with Adolph Hitler. They both abused power was the premise. That’s another blog. Check out the “multicultural” activities. 

            I have watched the erosion of the values that undergird our republic. I have watched our President apologize for our uniqueness and importance to those seeking the freedoms we enjoy. I have watched for many years. The  America I love is not a Republican or Democratic idea. Yes, I understand that one party or the other has relegated our founding principles and values to the sewer of politics. We must not leave our nation in that sewer. We are still a beacon of hope. Fortunately, there are many teachers who still wear a proud mantle of patriotism. Know them, applaud them, and help them. They are in the struggle, too.