Life at 93

            Yesterday was number 93. I found out that like everyday of my life, the next day would be tomorrow and the day before was yesterday. ‘

            I found each time I have breakfast with friends that the day has a good beginning. Thank you, Terry and Tom. Friends are such fragile, strong, beautiful, colorful threads in the tapestry of one’s life.

            I found that the words of my grandchildren were precious golden bricks on my yellow brick road. “Grandma, thank you for teaching me compassion, strength, faith, and grace. You have touched my life in countless ways.” “You have taught me so much. I will remember all you taught me and use it in my life.” And on the front of one card is a quote from Marcus Aurelius: When you arise in the morning, think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. “I know you already do this every day. Thank you for reminding those around you to do the same. We are lucky to have such a wonderful, loving, and wise soma in our lives.” “I love you” are magic words. What wonderful, golden bricks!

       Yes, I believe we all have a yellow brick road that is our very own. And yes, I believe we are given everything we need to make the journey. The roadmap is there at our birth; so are the detours if we miss a sign or fail to heed a warning signal. Just to reach 93 carries its own gratefulness. To be given so many years to follow dreams, to wake up in the morning with more opportunities to make a difference to someone is quite a privilege. It gets sweeter every year. The bricks become brighter.

            Yesterday the dome above me was so blue. The breezes were so gentle. The palm fronds graced the sky with special beauty. The flowers were especially bright and welcoming. The music that filled the air from the birds that love my place as much as I do, was special. They must have known it was my birthday.

            I found you only know the sky is blue if you look at it. I found you only know the birds are singing if you listen. I found  you only appreciate the miracles God places in your path if you acknowledge the wonders of nature. You only know how much the little green nubbins on the orange trees have grown if you looked at them yesterday or the day before. And if you have forgotten that they came from the fragrance of the orange blossoms that graced your path earlier, you have forgotten too much.

            I found the lovely voices of my nieces were as welcoming and beautiful as they have always been. They transmitted the same love and joy as they always have. I found that my gratefulness increases very year.

            I found the well-wishes and love of friends grows sweeter very year.  

            I found the voice of my sons saying, “Happy Birthday, Mom,” filled with the memories of the same greeting over the years. I found the memory bank filled with the tiny voices of excited children with a special present for Mommy, to the changing voices of teen-agers. young men, and now the gentle voices of those watching over their Mom.

              It’s great to have the privilege of living, loving, sharing, and anticipating at 93. Thank you, Lord for  being by my side and for letting such wonderful people inhabit my path.