The Digital Generation Awakening

          Being cool is more than words, Mr. President. Being cool to young people is walking the talk. Most of the young people who voted for you did so because they really thought that you believed in them. All your attention to the college campus campaigns resonated with them. Hope and Change!! There is no group more interested in hope and change than the young in each generation.

          And then came Obamacare. They are accustomed to the digital world. That is where they grew up. That is where they spend a lot of their time. That is where they communicate, and they expect it to work. They know when something is wrong. They don’t return to a site that doesn’t serve them and serve them with integrity and speed. You entered their world, the world that when they buy something that is offered, they expect it to be delivered.

          Then you offered your legacy legislation to them with some of the greatest sales pitches ever delivered. All people in America would have health care; it was their right.

          But alas. These digital natives tried the product. The website didn’t work. They may have tried it more than once. These are young people who are accustomed to signing on, orderings products, and closing their transactions. Imagine their surprise when this most touted site was a farce. They know that millions and millions were spent of their tax money to build this monstrous failure.

          They don’t return to sites that do not work, and if they should miraculously get through and it doesn’t deliver, they don’t go back. This fiasco known as Obamacare belongs to you, Mr. President. Now they are wondering what other promises you have made that might not be true. They are not looking through the rose-colored glasses you manufactured through your rhetoric. They are looking through the lenses of truth, integrity, promises kept, and what their futures hold. They are checking out the hope and change stuff.

          They are looking at their pay checks. Many are looking at staggering college debt and no job to pay it or to live. They hear you say they should sign up for health care. If they are lucky enough to get into the site to check, they find the absurdity of your request. They are a charitable generation as is all generations, but none can pay for all the people who will get free health care nor the subsidies promised. They cannot pay for all the exemptions you have granted that raise their cost. They are struggling.

          Are you shocked, Mr. President, that they are leaving your tent of hope and change? You surely won’t be surprised to find that trust lost is very hard to regain.