Why I Blog at 91

As I sat at the end of the driveway this morning, I thought again about important questions my grandson asked me yesterday. We were talking about what I have written in my blogs. He asked what I wanted to say, why I wanted to say those things, and whom I wanted to reach. I have thought a great deal about the answers I gave to those questions. Why did I go the trouble of creating a website at 91, and what on earth did I hope to accomplish by learning to blog? I guess the simple answer is I live in 2012. If I am to reach any among the digital generation, I must try to communicate in their realm. Because I believe my journey of 91 years has taught me much and given me much, I believe I have a responsibility to share what I can about what I have learned, lived, and loved about this truly exceptional republic in which I was fortunate enough to be born.  

It is the beacons of freedom and the lights of liberty that I see being dimmed or even extinguished that compel and propel my blogs at this time.I see us heading in a direction in our country that will make it impossible for pioneers  to flourish, where the American dream becomes an entitlement, and where the educational systems in all the states could become  support systems for the federal government, a government far different from that our Founders envisioned and a country where our founding documents become as changeable as the weather.

So back to the basics.

Our citizens must first understand that they are the recipients of a most unusual, noble, and successful experiment–the United States of America. For those of us who were born here, gratitude for our good fortune is in order. We were born with great freedoms as our heritage.  Those who choose this republic over the nation of their birth, verify the desire to have those freedoms. They understand the exceptionality of this unique republic.

It is two great freedoms that I want to preserve for my grandchildren. I want my grandchildren, and all grandchildren, to understand these freedoms. I believe wholly and fervently that every child is given by their Creator the freedom to become all that  (s)he was created to be. And for those of us born in this incredible land, our Founders  created documents that would preserve the rights, privileges, and responsibilities to ensure the freedoms necessary for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our Founders lived, fought, faced death and destruction, and died to guarantee these freedoms. It is a legacy from them intended to be passed on to all generations.

These freedoms were born in the minds of those who founded this nation long before they came to these shores. They were emblazoned on their hearts as they were willing to give up everything to secure their religious freedom. Their souls were etched with the sadness and oppression that accompany the lack of freedom.

Our ancestors who came to these shores risked it all to come to a place they only heard about. But they knew they needed new soil in which to plant the precious seeds of freedom. They also knew that they needed a government that could never destroy those freedoms. They understood human frailties. They knew the government that they created had to be of, by, and for the people. It had to secure the rights, privileges, and responsibilities in such a manner that no one person or group of people could own and use the power of the government for personal reasons or ideology. Our founding documents were the result of genius and Divine guidance. They created a republic.

But the problem now, I believe, is that our founding documents are not being taught, history has been revised, our founding people are often viewed with derision and historical distortion or downright lies. Most grievous of all is that our Christian beginnings have been denied, distorted, and often legally battled. The establishment clause has been a convenient legal tool.

It has been my privilege to be an educator for more than 60 years. I have lived so long that my journey has been witness to many changes–some gradual and some quick and dirty. I have lived in times when patriotism was a passion year round, when baccalaureate was expected, when Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays were celebrated on their birth date, when it was Easter vacation, and Christmas vacation, and when you might see the Ten Commandments in public squares or buildings. School readers were filled with ethical and biblical character expectations for behavior and living together.

Yes, I must say. I do believe they were the good old days. The Constitution was not being re-written. Our exceptionality was recognized and celebrated. Our God was God, not power and control. We could keep most of what we earned, and we were encouraged to earn more. We tried to get out of poverty and help others to do so. We were actually taught it is more blessed to give than to receive, let alone take.  College was a privilege and not a right, and we could actually get a better job when we graduated. It was a way up.

Need I go on. You have eyes, ears, a soul, and a memory.

Now vote, if you are eligible. Yes, it is your government. Take it back.

Let’s make America first, again. It is the hope of the world.